What would I need to do in order to change the Checkbook ID using the PSTL tool?

If you use PSTL tool to modify or update the checkbook ID, the touchpoint where  Mekorma would need to be updated if the client utilizes the Mekorma Action Board to process payments is the Process ID.
The Mekorma Process ID setup includes association with the checkbook ID. You would need to update the  Process ID with the new checkbook ID. 
For consideration:
Before you begin the update process to the Process ID, be sure that you have posted all payments.
If using the Mekorma Archive/Inquiry/Audit system, we do not recommend modifying the Checkbook ID. 

To use the SQL update solution (example using NW First Bank as new checkbook ID in the Fabrikam database):


Backup all databases


On the DYNAMICS [system] database


update MBPB78603 set chekbkid = 'NW FIRST BANK' where chekbkid = 'FIRST BANK' and INTERID = 'TWO'