What to do if your check formats aren't in the Mekorma Check Format Library

If the check formats that you want to use are not automatically imported into the check format library (GP Tools>Setup>System>Mekorma>Check Format Library), you will have to manually import check formats. This may happen for a variety of reasons:

1. If you have upgraded from an older version of Mekorma MICR when check formats were stored in a network file path to a newer version of Mekorma MICR that stores check formats internally in SQL, and at the time of the upgrade the folder with check formats was not available.

2. You want to re-import the original version of a format that you have already made changes to.

3. You have check formats stored in multiple places.

4. Other system related issue.

For the full process of importing check formats manually, please visit the full page here: https://www.mekorma.com/support/how-to-manually-import-check-formats.aspx