Testing Issues: Is it Mekorma or GP?

If you are encountering an issue processing checks, EFT's, archiving payments in Mekorma, or SQL or GP(Dexterity) related error messages, the first troubleshooting step will be to determine whether the cause of the problem lies in GP or Mekorma. This would also pertain to incorrect data on the payment reports. To help isolate the cause of the current problem, it is important to run the same process by removing Mekorma from the Dynamics.set file or disabling Mekorma Alternate Windows Security in order to test and verify the origin of the issue, especially in cases involving unexpected data on stub or check reports. 

If the issue pertains to database or Dexterity errors, in most cases we recommend the removal of Mekorma from the Dynamics.set file and accompanying .dll's, however we prefer to work directly with our partners in these cases.