How can I test to see if the problem is with Dynamics GP or with Mekorma MICR?

The primary function of Mekorma MICR is to format data. It is our experience that when the data printed on the checks or stubs is incorrect, the problem lies with the base data rather than with the formatting. To help isolate the cause of the current problem, it is important to print the same check as a Mekorma MICR check and then as a regular Microsoft Dynamics GP check.
Please follow the steps below with an unposted check showing the problem. If the check with the problem has been posted, you must recreate the problem with a new check before we can isolate the cause.
Use Mekorma MICR to print a check containing the error.
1.    Void the check.
2.    Open the Dynamics GP Security screen by selecting Tools > Setup > System > Security and select the User ID of a user printing the checks and the Company in which the check is being printed.
3.    Set the Product field to "Mekorma MICR", the Type field to "Alternate Dynamics GP Windows", and the Series field to "Purchasing" or “Payroll” as appropriate for the check being printed.
4.    Select "Unmark All" to deny access to the MICR check printing windows and click OK.
5.    Reselect the check above using the original selection criteria and reprint the check.
6.    Verify that you are using the regular Dynamics GP check printing window.
7.    If the data on the two checks differs, contact Mekorma Support. If the data on the two checks is the same, keep Mekorma MICR disabled and contact Microsoft support for assistance with Dynamics GP.