What is a MICR Gauge?

A MICR gauge is a transparent plastic ruler for checking the placement of the MICR line on the check region of the hard copy. The process for ensuring the correct alignment of the MICR line is to first print a sample check to the check stock. You will line up the vertical dotted line on the right side of the gauge with the edge of the check. Be sure the characters in the MICR line fit squarely within each box in the position stated on the specifications you received from your bank.

On some blank stock there is a faint watermark of a square where the MICR routing symbol character in field position 43 would print. Note, if this watermark exists on your check stock that is the best guide possible superceding the MICR gauge for accuracy. 

If you have confirmed proper setup and printing of Mekorma checks using one of the methods mentioned above, we would encourage you to issue a small number of live checks to ensure payment clearance before proceeding to production volume payment processing. 


If you require a MICR gauge (shipped free of charge) or have questions regarding check stock, please send inquiry to:  sales@mekorma.com


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